Why people should choose homemade food instead of the unhealthy fast food

He has spent almost a decade studying humanity. Pritchard writes as a San Francisco biology expert for a prominent website and thoroughly enjoys sharing the knowledge he has accumulated. Whether homecooked or fast food, meals should be nutritious.

Why people should choose homemade food instead of the unhealthy fast food

Brothers Le Picture this. OK, its more of a D. You did eat three meals, but really, D is the best I can give you here. Click here for quick, easy, and healthy supper ideas. Here are the top reasons women gave for not eating healthfully, and my strategies for dealing with them: Blog Continues Below Slideshow Eating healthful foods is too expensive.

Social settings are too tempting.

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Life is too short; I want to enjoy what I eat. My family prefers less healthy meals. Unhealthy habits are too hard to change. Sure, if you do all your shopping at Whole Foods or order from chi-chi online suppliers. If money is really an issue, though, you are likely shopping in the local grocery or even nearest bargain department store, as Walmart and its competitors expand into the grocery market.

Are we really still talking about how "expensive" healthy foods are? Talk about kicking a dead horse. It has been proven -- repeatedly, people -- that healthy, whole foods are less expensive than unhealthy foods.

Even the economists at the USDA have studied this and they found that, when considering portion size, the ranking from least to most expensive is: Note, of course, that there are lower cost protein sources such as eggs, dairy, soy and grains -- the ranking refers to meat sources.

I am just going to say it: If you feel healthy foods are too expensive, might I suggest you learn how to cook?

Why people should choose homemade food instead of the unhealthy fast food

Now, here are a few of my suggestions to make more healthful eating choices, no matter your excuse: When eating out, have a salad or broth-based soup to start and choose your entree afterward. Eat before you have more than one glass of wine since alcohol lowers your inhibitions and skews your priorities.

Ask the kitchen to modify menu items for you and substitute vegetables where you can for fatty, starchy sides. If you really do eat out very frequently, ensure your other daily meals are lean, light on calories and full of produce When eating at home Offer a variety of vegetables at home to ensure there is something for everyone and plenty to fill you up.

Include protein at every meal so you will remain full for at least a few hours after eating and be less apt to snack. Try to stick to meals per day and avoid the "grazing" mentality which can lead you to eat -- and spend -- more.

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Take pleasure in the homemade comfort foods you and your family love once or twice per week and look forward to them. Include healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado and even some butter to enhance food texture and help you feel more satisfied.

What is the number one reason you make poor food choices, when you do?About Emma Johnson. Emma Johnson is a veteran money journalist, noted blogger, bestselling author and an host of the award-winning podcast, Like a Mother with Emma Johnson.

Jul 27,  · well some people dont have the time.. just order fast food because it cooked in couple minutes instead of cooking healthy food for hours.. or ppl just like the tatse of the food..

i hate fast food.. so i always eat healthy food at work beacause i m a chef and i get free meal on lunch or yunusemremert.com: Resolved. Most of these foods are packed up with fats and sugar, making it not just tasting good, but also it's the reason why fast foods are so unhealthy.

Even though most of people know that junk food is very unhealthy, they still choose it, because it's cheap, and you can find it everywhere.

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People prefer junk food over healthy food because it tastes so good and it's much more cheaper. There are a lot of reasons why people choose homemade food versus fast food. Both homemade food and soul food taste good, however homemade food offers a variety of history, emotions, and memories of “It’s the fault of parents who let their kids eat unhealthy foods and sit in front of the T.V or computer for hours at a time” (42, 5.

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