Uwa thesis

Standard margins for UWA thesis printed single sided. Double sided pages If you are printing your thesis double sided, your margins need to be mirrored. This means that for every 2nd page of your thesis, the margins need to be reversed, so it has 2cm on the inside, and 4cm on the outside. See the diagram on the right to see what it should look like.

Uwa thesis

Undergraduate Courses Your first university degree. Engineering Science The Engineering Science major is your pathway to the Master of Professional Engineering and a global career as a professional engineer. Computer Science The Computer Science major covers the theoretical, algorithmic, implementation and systems principles that underpin computer languages and networks and explores how to to develop new technologies and advanced programming.

Mathematics and Statistics The Mathematics and Statistics major will equip you with the mathematical tools and techniques of at least two of the three major disciplines of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

Physics The Physics major examines the world around us at the most fundamental level, from the origin and fate of the universe to the behaviour of matter on subatomic length scales and everything in between.

It is designed to increase the depth and breadth of your knowledge; introduce you to independent study and research; and will prepare you to go on to postgraduate research. Postgraduate Courses Our postgraduate qualifications will equip you with the advanced technical expertise, critical thinking and professional skills required to remain competitive in a global workforce.

Master of Professional Engineering The Master of Professional Engineering allows you to practice as a professional engineer, seek employment in industries requiring a high degree of numeracy, including finance and consulting, or pursue further research studies in engineering.

Master of Data Science The Master of Data Science is ideal for graduates who wish to take on the challenge of big data and pursue a career as a data scientist or data analyst.

Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas The Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas has been designed in collaboration with industry partners and provides a comprehensive skill set for engineering graduates seeking employment in the global oil and gas industry. Master of Information Technology The Master of Information Technology is designed for students and professionals with a tertiary degree, and who seek to develop specialist skills in computing and information systems.

Master of Physics The Master of Physics is about understanding the world around us at a most fundamental level. The knowledge generated through the study of physics is the driving force behind most new technologies, from radars to lasers, from transistors to quantum computers and from electron microscopes to advanced medical imaging scanners.

Master of Ocean Leadership The Master of Ocean Leadership will allow you to develop multi-disciplinary skills for working in a range of marine-related fields to strategically address human challenges in ocean systems. Geographically, we are at the hub of a vibrant mining and energy sector, and this provides outstanding opportunities for researchers to collaborate with industry and other partners to meet the challenges of ERO.

Our multidisciplinary research groups have great impact in the areas of mining development and production, offshore engineering, agriculture, health, transport, energy, water suppy and community development.

We are committed to supporting our early career researchers and emerging research leaders.

Style and format : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

Together, we can change the world. Your thesis must be a substantial work, generally based on independent research in a chosen field.

PhD A PhD is a programme of independent, supervised research that consists of years full-time study and is examined by thesis. For further advice or information please contact us via email at hdr-ems uwa.You can undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in any area of agricultural and resource economics.

A PhD is a program of independent, supervised research assessed solely on the basis of a thesis that is examined externally. September Postgraduate Workshop 1 1. Objectives of the Workshop By the end of this workshop, you should be able to understand how Microsoft Word works (why do .

Submitting your thesis to the Graduate Research School. 4. Submit all components. Submit all items to the Graduate Research yunusemremert.com email informing the commencement of your thesis examination will be sent to your student email address.

Uva Wellassa University is the first Entrepreneurial University, providing education to the students focusing on employers’ needs and entrepreneurship.

Uwa thesis

Research page for the School of Social Sciences. Current postgraduates. Elias, Petra - An exploration of cultural negotiation and development of identity in marriages between white Australians and Javanese.; Fyfe, Jane - Old art new Styles? Rock art in Bunuba and Gooniyandi country. Forensic science.

Uwa thesis

The Centre for Forensic Anatomy and Biological Sciences (CFABS) offers teaching and training both within UWA and externally, and supports Master and PhD research programs that are focused around our key research areas.

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