Tsunami in hindi

For the plural, one can either follow ordinary English practice and add an s, or use an invariable plural as in the Japanese. Tidal wave Tsunami aftermath in AcehIndonesiaDecember Tsunamis are sometimes referred to as tidal waves.

Tsunami in hindi

What is a tsunami? The word tsunami pronounced su-nah'-me is Japanese for harbor wave. Some tsunami may reach heights of feet 30 m or more. They are giant waves that hit a coastal area… and create destruction and usually loss of many lives.

A tsunami can be caused by a Tsunami in hindi or underwater earthquake, an underwater or shoreline landslide, an undersea volcano, the explosion of a volcano near shore, or even by an asteroid or other large celestial body that might crash into the ocean.

Sometimes a small underwater quake will trigger a landslide that causes a tsunami.

What is tsunami in Hindi

Such waves are also incorrectly called tidal waves because they inundate like high tides. But they aren't true tidal waves and are not related to tides or the effects of the moon.

Tsunami in hindi

They can travel at mph deep under the sea. They can destroy vast cities and developments on land, but don't destroy ships on the way to shore.

Since they are traveling deep in the sea, they can pass right under the ships unnoticed. That's because the height of a tsunami wave might be only a foot or two at those depths.

Or they might be noticed but not given any special attention because they seem harmless as they travel under the ocean surface.

But the situation changes dramatically when the waves come closer to shore. As they enter shallow waters, they begin to decelerate and gain height as the wave becomes compressed.

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Waves up to feet 30 m or more in height are possible. Of course, one caused by an asteroid impact could be much higher, depending on the asteroid's size. Fortunately such occurrences don't happen as frequently as those caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and underwater landslides.

Tsunami are huge ocean waves caused by natural forces like underwater earthquakes. Tsunami are caused when the forces of these phenomena rapidly displace large amounts of water. Most tsunami occur when there is an earthquake or volcanic eruption in the sea or ocean.

This is caused when there are plate boundaries that are meeting in plate tectonics processes. Subduction in the convergent boundaries accounts for most of the tsunami. This will cause shock waves to be radiated out of the epicenter. This natural event will cause a rise or fall of the seabed.

Tsunami in hindi

This will create a wave deep in the ocean which cannot be clearly discerned from shore until they get too close to allow escape. These waves can travel at great speeds up to hundreds of mph!

As the wave gets nearer to the shore, the wave will start to get higher as the seafloor rises in height. The waves can be as high as ft. Tsunami can be caused by landslides when there are very large landslides, such as a cliff-side of a mountain near shore that falls into a large body of water or ocean.

Tsunami can also occur when powerful bombs, like nuclear bombs, are tested, dropped, or detonated in the sea or ocean. These will also cause shock waves to be radiated out that move the ocean waters in waves as described above. Tsunami can also occur when large asteroids fall into the water.

This is extremely rare, and the asteroids must be extremely large to cause a large water displacement to form a wave.समुद्र के भीतर अचानक जब बड़ी तेज़ हलचल होने लगती है तो उसमें तूफान उठता है जिससे ऐसी लंबी और बहुत ऊंची लहरों का रेला उठना शुरू हो जाता है जो ज़बरदस्त.

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Tsunami meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग) is सुनामी.English definition of Tsunami: a cataclysm resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption; a colossal tsunami destroyed the Minoan civilization in minutes.

Tsunami EENS Tulane University Natural Disasters Prof. Stephen A. Nelson Tsunami This page last updated on Jul Up until December of , the phenomena of tsunami was not on the minds of most of the world's population. That changed on the morning of December 24, when an earthquake of moment magnitude occurred along the oceanic trench off the coast of Sumatra in .

Tsunami is a Japanese Word meaning very tall tidal or harbor waves. The tsunami that took place around a.m. on 26 th December, was caused by a massive under .

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