Speed skating

February 21, Getty Images When Olympics broadcasters were predicting each nation's medal count, not many people thought the Netherlands would be battling for the lead. They were in pole position 13 days in and, as of press time, they're tied for second. Even more incredible, the Netherlands has accumulated 21 of its 22 medals in one sport:

Speed skating

Speed skating

See Article History Speed skating, the sport of racing on ice skates that originated in the Netherlands, possibly as early as the 13th century. The blade of the modern speed skate is longer and thinner than that of the hockey or figure skate.

When planted on the ice with weight upon it, the blade describes a nearly straight line. Only the last few feet of the stride curve slightly outward as the skate leaves the ice.

Length of stride has tended to diminish since the days of the to metre to foot stride attributed to the English champion William Smart, who was active during the midth century. The modern racing stride rarely exceeds 9 metres 30 feet and is usually about 5 or 6 metres. In the clapskate was introduced by speed skaters from the Netherlands.

The clapskate features a hinge at the toe of the shoe that allows for greater extension and a longer stride. In order to profit as much as possible from every stride, skaters crouch so that their stomachs and thighs are almost touching. In addition, they wear special skin-tight, hooded suits that cut down air resistance.

Front and side views of the speed-skating glide stride. International speed skating involves a course with straight sides and curved ends of such a radius that no slackening of speed is necessary.

The competitors race two at a time on a two-lane track and race against the clock. Each skater must keep his own course. The advantage of the inner curve is given alternately, and a space called the crossing line is left open along the backstretch for the skaters to switch tracks.

The Nagano Olympic Games were the first to require skaters in the metre event to race twice per heat—once in each of the lanes. The times are then combined to determine a winner.

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The official track measures metres about one-quarter mile. World championships are decided annually under the supervision of the International Skating Union ISU at distances of1, 1, 5, and 10, metres for men and1, 1, 3, and 5, metres for women.

An offshoot of speed skating, which takes place on indoor or outdoor rinks, is short-track speed skatingdone indoors on a metre foot track.Speed on Skates: A Complete Technique, Training and Racing Guide for In-Line and Ice Skaters [Barry Publow] on yunusemremert.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Become a smoother, faster, and better-conditioned skater-on asphalt and on ice. Speed on Skates. Almost all of the Netherlands' Winter Olympic medals have come in speed skating.


Here's why the Dutch dominate the sport. Seung-Hoon Lee of Republic of Korea celebrates winning the gold medal as Koen Verweij of Netherlands takes the bronze during the Men's Speed Skating Mass Start Final on day 15 of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games at Gangneung Oval on February 24, in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

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