Social media or social mind control

I have many reasons which I will attempt to relay below, but I wanted to start with a disclaimer. Tumblr Pinterest Never really gave it a true shot. LinkedIn I was always on here and never knew why, but now I do.

Social media or social mind control

But according to research from Harvard University, these posts are actually penned directly by the government. This may seem a world away for westerners, but with the US presidential election looming in November this year, candidates are turning to social media to drum up support.

As of this writing, Hillary Clinton has 6. Donald Trump is tweeting to his 9. When social platforms are used competitively, they present no threat.

Social media or social mind control

With direct messaging from the candidates, there is no confusion about hidden incentives. But when it comes under the guise of public and even peer opinion, it affects our behaviour in alarming ways.

The Vigilant Citizen

For one week, the news feeds ofFacebook users were manipulated to contain posts with either an excess of positive terms, an excess of negative terms, or neither. As naturally social creatures, we are particularly susceptible to peer influence.

We are motivated towards group conformity. Social norms were once upon a time instrumental to our survival, but now mainly function to maintain social order — an opportunity that is all too tempting for governments.

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