Prospectus thesis

How to Write a Dissertation Prospectus Tips to Writing a Good Dissertation Prospectus A dissertation prospectus is written prior to dissertation writing and is commonly considered the first step of writing a dissertation. However, to write a successful dissertation you must proceed in a step by step manner and focus at one step at a time.

Prospectus thesis

The Prospectus The prospectus is a proposal for dissertation research written under the supervision of a member of the doctoral faculty who is willing to sponsor it. The prospectus examination should be taken by the end of the second semester following advancement to candidacy for the student to maintain satisfactory progress.

Sponsor The student will consult with a faculty member about sponsoring a dissertation project. When there is mutual agreement about the Prospectus thesis the faculty member will notify the Executive Officer.

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Prospectus Format Students will write an outline of the dissertation project that is 3, words long not including the bibliographyand a sample section of the dissertation, at least 5, words in length. The maximum length of the combined documents will be 10, words not including the bibliography.

The prospectus proper must contain: In 1, words, this section states and motivates the project. It begins with a short abstract of the thesis that states how the student intends to resolve the central question or problem in the dissertation words.

This section as a whole motivates the topic and locates the thesis within the space of contemporary or historical philosophical ideas; explains the significance of the topic; and displays knowledge of the primary literature.

It describes the present state of the issue, indicating the major positions in a debate and — where possible — cites the most important literature.

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The plan for the dissertation, in 2, words, stating the method for resolving the central question or problem that is the topic of the dissertation.

The proposal documents the proposed lines of argument organized in a logically developed order. Students may find it useful to present these lines of argument in the form of chapter summaries, but it is not required.

The proposal is a template or advertisement for the thesis, more like a grant application than like a qualifying paper, a journal article, or an introductory chapter.

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The parts of the dissertation do not all need to be laid out at equal length. It may well be that the student has worked out some part in greater detail, while conceiving another part more sketchily.

This difference should be reflected in the space that each part receives in the summary.

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The student need not have read all of the sources listed in the Bibliography. It ought instead to include all of the sources the student believes will prove relevant to the project.

Prospectus thesis

Together with the summary, the student will submit a draft of one section of the dissertation. This document can be all or part of a paper written for publication, or all or part of a Qualifying Paper, or a paper written for a course.

This sample should be around 5, words long. These three will consist of the supervisor and two other faculty members, chosen by the student and supervisor and approved by the Executive Officer. The prospectus committee may contain as many as five faculty members.The dissertation prospectus is the formal document you present to your PhD Supervisory Committee once you have achieved candidacy and are preparing to move on to .

Dissertation prospectuses can run anywhere from 5 to 30 pages, depending on the amount of detail requested of the student, while grant and job applications generally require brevity ( single-spaced pages for a job application; single-spaced pages for many grants).

GEnERAl infORMATiOn inTRODUCTiOn This guide is intended for students who wish to register for postgraduate (master's and doctoral) studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Here is a student guide to writing an effective doctoral dissertation or a master's thesis.

This book disaggregates the elements of the dissertation and provides the student with a description, definition, and example of each dissertation element.

Dissertation Prospectus Outline The following outline should be helpful to the student in preparing a proposal for the dissertation research. Each proposal will likely diverge somewhat from the outline depending on the type of study.

A thesis prospectus with initial bibliography, signed by the thesis adviser, is due in late April of your Junior year. A prospectus is a statement about your refined topic and your proposed argument.