Problems that face asians in english pronunciation english language essay

Textbooks and in-class material instructing students on the fundamental aspects of the English language and proper grammar can be stilted and very unrealistic in terms of dialogue examples. When students are taught English as a second language, they may assume in-class speech patterns will be the same outside the classroom. Often, textbook language uses more uncommon or outdated terms and phrases, which can confuse and contradict what a textbook shows. Written Versus Spoken English Confusion Students may be able hear and understand spoken English but confuse sentence structure and grammar when writing the same thing.

Problems that face asians in english pronunciation english language essay

Most adult non-native students of British in the UK especially Asian students face a great deal of troubles when they speak British they sometimes get frustrated when they could not understand or be understand by native speakers of English.

Therefore, they come across the same issues that confront any students learning in a foreign culture, such as sentence structure, pronunciation, listening comprehension and different cultures.

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Also, it is problematic for them to change to the British language in particular when they speak it. They could have a problem understanding class lecture, making them feel hesitant to take part in class discussion, seminars and lessons. This essay will first explain and evaluate only one issue that face adult Asian students in UK when they speak British which is British pronunciation.

Therefore, pronunciation is a difficult aspect in words learning for adult Asian students which lead to real barriers to communication and can contribute to motivation with indigenous English speakers.

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This essay will examine what exactly are the most frequent difficulties experienced them in English pronunciation, the factors that affecting the pronunciation of non indigenous students of British, some answers to surmount the difficulties of mispronunciation among Asian adult students and finally it will put some light on the implications of terms teaching.

Teachers of English as a FL or a L2 know so well how important pronunciation is. Nevertheless, sometimes it has been obvious a professor has been paid little focus on the students' pronunciation in the process of second words learning and teaching.

However, in the immediate approach, pronunciation is considered important. In addition, Jack and William reported that pronunciation is no longer considered as an essential aspect in a spanish teaching.

Trammell also shows that teaching in pronunciation has been deemphasised due to the new coaching methods like the Communicative Way.

Uh, D’yuh Wannuh Cupuh Coffee? The “Schwa” Sound and Common Phrases

Communication can be an important need of in daily life and it ought to be the primary purpose of dialect learning and teaching. Therefore, teaching English speaking to non-native students of British how to speak English accurately and fluently with indigenous speakers of English is one of the general goals of the foreign language teaching.

Corresponding to Yule Knowles dispute that written vocabulary is long lasting and looks imperfect version of the spoken language whereas spoken Terminology is more elusive.

It is clear that people all speak and listen to the may seem spoken in our environment first before we write or read.

For example, child before goes to school, he'll speak before write because he will acquire his first Terms from his family when he imitates what they said.

It is seem that as long as one can talk to others in the next language, everything is fine however the questions is, how can talk to people fluently if your pronunciation is wrong?

Beebe insists that pronunciation always have an effect on what we talk and exactly how well we speak it, and therefore it should be take very seriously.

It offers the speaker's dental development a certain redundancy. And this can help to get a note across better as a learning purpose because of computer is high pay off.

Problems that face asians in english pronunciation english language essay

The number of sound, audio clusters and intonation structure in a Language is finite, as is the alphabet. After the system has been mastered, it could be used, thus giving it fundamentally an infinite scope. Thirdly, a deviant pronunciation means that a person is immediately 'marked' as non-native in another country".

Harmer suggests that if students desire to be able to speak fluently in British, they have to have the ability pronounce phonemes correctly and appropriate stress and intonation.

Pronunciations of students need to be sufficient to speak the message so that it is known by other audio speakers of British. Therefore, most Asian adult students have problems to pronounce words or phrases correctly which can be a major reason behind misunderstandings.

They have difficulties in recognize sound of English, phrase stress which part of any word tend to be more heavily stressed that is spoken louder and much longerword stress which part of any sentence can be more heavily pressuredappears in connected speech how to link the sounds collectively in a wordand finally in intonation how our tone rises and comes at a certain point of the sentence.

From my very own experience as a tutor in a secondary institution, most students have potential pronunciation problems when they speak British. They have problem with stress and intonation that they struggling to place the right focus on the right part of the expression. Also they have problems with vowels bends and consonants mixes as well.

For example, appears like"ea" and "ou" can be perplexing them since when they pay attention to the audio recordings, it can be very difficult to allow them to pick up the subtle blends of several vowels. Also, In consonants blends, they may have problem with "th" audio because they're not accustomed to putting "t" and "h" alongside one another to create "th" sound to reproduce.

It is clear that pronunciation is so difficult to learn. The first terms of most international students effect on learning the second language.

Problems that face Asian students in English pronunciation: Most Asian adult students work and analyze hard to be very fluent in English.

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However, there are many different varieties of spoken British and non-native students may have achieved fluency such as knowing accurate sentence structure and knowing a big amounts of vocabulary particularly when they have been taught by non-native speakers however they have a non-standard accent which make the use of English difficult for native loudspeakers of English to understand.

Vowels Celce-Murcia, Brinton and Goodwin states there are different types of vowel looks in English pronunciation. It offers twelve monophthongs sole or natural vowels.

Subsequently, eight diphthongs double vowels and two thriphthongs triple vowels. According to, Kenworthy there are five vowels words which are a, e, i, o, u. They map to 13 different noises.How did a multinational corporation like Nike appeal to diverse markets without violating the principle of colorblindness that became increasingly and insidiously sacrosanct in the U.

Problems That Face Asians In English Pronunciation English Language Essay. Effective Intervention with English Language Learners (ELL) Essay When ESL learners communicate with native speakers in English, many problems are caused by the misinterpretation of cultural factors continued through the whole circumstance of communication.

her face turned with a bit of surprise at the moment and there was . Problems faced by Pakistani English speakers in Pronunciation of English, their factors and solutions Phonetics & Phonology Assignment NUML - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(12).

Teachers instructing students in learning English as another language often face with a variety of common and student-specific problems. Instructing students in the English language involves building a student's reading and speaking vocabulary and understanding of written and spoken English language.

History and Problems of Teaching English in Vietnam. The history of English language teaching in Vietnam can be roughly divided into two periods: (i) English in Vietnam before and (ii) English in Vietnam from up to the present. In this lesson, you’re going to practice English words with very similar sounds.

Many English learners have problems pronouncing these words correctly. If you can master the differences in pronunciation between these words, you’ll improve your pronunciation and be .

English pronunciation problems for Asian learners - English Pronunciation