Prisoner reentry

To this end, T. Whether an individual needs assistance obtaining housing, employment, education, or healthcare, among other services, T. Under the stewardship of Bishop Jakes, T.

Prisoner reentry

Prepared by Lloyd Sealy Librarians Catherine Stern and Barbara Carrel Introduction Changes in sentencing laws over the last 25 years have led to an era of mass incarceration with the prison population of the United States quadrupling since the early s. As Prisoner reentry result, more prisoners are completing full sentences while in prison, and being released with little or no legal supervision on the outside.

Because there are record numbers of inmates who are being released with minimal to no preparation behind bars or support services in their communities, criminal justice experts, academicians, policy makers, and practitioners have once again turned their focus to prisoners returning to society, or what has become known as prisoner reentry.

It seeks to encourage the coordination of programs, Prisoner reentry, and human resources--both inside and outside prison walls--in order to ensure the successful assimilation of prisoners into new lives, roles, jobs, families and communities.

The literature on prisoner reentry is considerable. This pathfinder is a guide to locating relevant research on the topic of prisoner reentry published since the year We begin with a list of encyclopedias call numbers are listed in the field of criminal justice in order to provide a broad overview of related topics.

A list of recent books and reports is included to guide the reader to key recent publications in the field.

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Relevant journal articles on prisoner reentry are abundant. Periodical databases are named and search strategies suggested. The section on special issues lists numerous journal issues devoted entirely to this topic.

Lastly, online sources for reputable statistics, websites and associations related to prisoner reentry are included. Encyclopedias Encyclopedias are valuable tools for providing broad overviews on a topic, learning relevant terminology, and finding additional sources of information listed in subject bibliographies attached to the articles.

One exception is listed below. Criminal justice encyclopedia articles on topics such as prisons, parole, rehabilitation, restorative justice, or recidivism in the titles listed below might prove useful as well. E43 Prisoner Reentry, Vol.

Encyclopedia of criminology and deviant behavior Vols. E53 Dressler J. E52 Levinson, D. Encyclopedia of crime and punishment Vols. Encyclopedia of law enforcement Vols. E53 Wright, R. Encyclopedia of criminology Vols.

Search using the keywords reentry or re-entryprisoner reentry, or juvenile reentry. Check the catalog record of those books you find relevant and search on those subject headings for more related materials.

The following list includes items in the John Jay College Library which have been published since All alone in the world: Children of the incarcerated. U5 B47 The deleterious effects of parental incarceration told in the voices of the children themselves forms the backbone of this volume. Offender reintegration into the family.

U6 H43 The papers in this volume were presented at the Annual Research Conference of the International Community Corrections Association in and were updated for publication here.

Prisoner reentry

Life on the outside: The prison odyssey of Elaine Bartlett. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. B28 G66 The story of Elaine Bartlett, an African-American woman, imprisoned for a drug offense with four small children left behind.

Eighteen years into her sentence she was granted clemency by Governor George Pataki. The book traces her path to prison and back out again. The author is committed to putting a human face on the issue of reentry.

Factors affecting a successful reentry. J3i This thesis was written for the M. It compares reentry issues in New York and New Jersey. The data was collected through questionnaires and informal discussions. Critical issues in crime reduction for corrections.

C73 This book is a collection of essays exploring the relationship between crime and employment.Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative. Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s House (TPH) in Dallas, Texas, is the visionary and chief architect behind the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative .

From to , the Urban Institute's longitudinal, multistate study Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry explored the pathways of prisoner reintegration.

The study examined the factors contributing to successful (or unsuccessful) reentry, to understand the reentry experiences of returning prisoners, their families, and their communities.

New Prisoner Reentry Center Takes Aim at Criminal Recidivism Anchorage Daily News Getting there: The Center is in downtown Anchorage at Barrow Street across from .

PRISONER REENTRY: A PATHFINDER. Prepared by Lloyd Sealy Librarians Catherine Stern and Barbara Carrel Introduction. Changes in sentencing laws over the last 25 years have led to an era of mass incarceration with the prison population of the United States quadrupling since the early s.

Chapter 6 Outline. Parole and prisoner reentry is discussed in this chapter beginning with the historical development of parole in America.

Focus is brought upon the Elmira Reformatory, the use of the medical model, sentencing alternatives, and inmate release. Norfolk Prisoner Reentry Program. – “The Norfolk Reentry Council’s focus is on the key barriers to successful offender reentry including; Employment and Education, Housing, Financial Obligations and Resources, Social Reintegration and Physical and Mental Health/Substance Abuse.” VCRJ Reentry Program.

– “The Virginia Center for Restorative Justice (VCRJ) helps women returning from prison .

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