My favorite tv show

From Wire Inspirea worthy Tumblr. My boyfriend and I have been together for around 2 years. Basically, there are several shows that I love dearly and want to share with him.

My favorite tv show

Stargate Someone states that chevron seven is locked and with a noise, a blue My favorite tv show portal appears. A team steps through it, traveling via wormhole to a whole new world and a whole new adventure.

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That's the very basic premise of Stargate SG-1, a TV show that was inspired by the film Stargate but took on a life all its own. SG-1 inspired a franchise more lasting and impactful than the movie it was based on and was one of the defining TV shows for me growing up.

This year the show celebrates a big 20th anniversary. It premiered on July 27,when I was just 10 years old and I had already been watching a lot of sci-fi, from Star Trek to Star Wars.

I didn't think much when my dad suggested we try watching this new Stargate show. I can't even remember if I watched the movie before SG-1's premiere, but after a few episodes I was hooked! Each week the team explored a new planet and made new discoveries and were relatable in a way characters on other shows weren't.

While Star Trek was about discovery as well, they were from a future where advanced technology and aliens weren't an entirely new idea. The SG-1 team, however, was from a present-day-like Earth, and their reactions mirrored what I thought I might feel if I suddenly raced through the wormhole and saw what they saw.

Stargate SG-1 excelled at creating interesting and relatable characters. Of course, it was that four-person team that had to hold your attention and really make you feel invested, and they more than succeeded. Each person brought a different skill to the team but wasn't solely defined by it.

They had complex personalities and backstories, and it wasn't always easy for them to get along. The team became close, however, and you grew to really care for them too. While I love all of SG-1 for different reasons, Carter was a particularly important character to me growing up.

My favorite tv show

She was a smart, capable, caring, multidimensional woman character who didn't fit into one box like so many other women characters I'd seen before. She remained central for all 10 seasons of the show and appeared in the franchise beyond that, evolving along the way.

She was a huge influence on me for more than a decade, and I'm glad she was around to serve as a role model at that time. Carter and the other characters were a big part of why the drama and humor on the show worked.

My favorite Tv shows

SG-1 followed an episodic format for the most part, but from the start had a larger, underlying story that was always there driving the characters and helping them grow as they faced new challenges. The show may have had to find its footing in the beginning, and I can't say it didn't have its faults.

When you look at some episodes now, like many shows, you might wonder how they ended up on TV. Still, most of the stories were fascinating, and they even made commonly used sci-fi story elements like time travel work in new ways. Just look at "Window of Opportunity" as an example! I was bitten by an ancient history bug young and ever since have had a love for mythology.

Suddenly with SG-1, sci-fi was colliding with this other interest in a way I'd never seen before. Video of Stargate SG-1 Quotes Something Profound Which leads me to the major impact this show had on my life, in addition to increasing my love of sci-fi, world-building, well-developed characters and shows that mix humor and drama.

I've already mentioned how seeing a strong woman character like Carter mattered to me, but the show also influenced my academic interests. I can't deny that watching Stargate SG-1 made me want to learn a lot more about archaeology.I think my favorite TV show would be “Big Bang Theory”.

I like this show because it’s funny and a very sarcastic show. The creators of this amazing show tend to . Still, having my favorite TV show inserted in place of my personality hasn’t been without its side effects. While my A story has been one of triumph, my B story has been rife with challenges.


For the season, it was ranked the #2 new drama among adults 18–49, the #1 new show among men 18–49, 18–34, and 25–54 and was one of the top 20 regular programs among teens, as . Let us try and figure out what your favorite TV Show is!

Everybody watches a different show, and everybody has its own favorite, and even those so called ratings and critical busts manage to get a few hundred thousand viewers each week. We know you pretty well at this point.

Can We Guess Your Favorite TV Show? We know you pretty well at this point.

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