June jordan essay

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June jordan essay

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This is very interesting and makes points about nation and migration, especially in relation to the Black dispora and slavery that I value, but it also does not seem to find a decolonising lens, and is apparently uncritically titled.

Maybe I missed something though. Here and elsewhere, June Jordan writes with disgust, empathy and rage about US wars and invasions and conflicts such as the occupation in Palestine.

Most tests are conducted on men for diseases affecting primarily men. Men are regarded as the universal body, the universal voice. It is isolating, alienating, and serves existing, unjust concentrations of power in the hands of the wealthy, the white, the male.

Here, June Jordan proudly extols the attributes of Black African-American English as she discovered them with her literature students. Yet it is demeaned and mocked by mainstream culture. In the essay June Jordan shares how her class addressed the murder by police of the brother of one of the students.

They choose to write to the media in Black English, knowing that by doing so they condemn their letter to being ignored.

As a teenage slave, Phyllis Wheatley wrote poetry similar in style and content to the white, mainly English literature she was given by the people who bought her. This poetry was published and acclaimed. This would have been the poetry of someone who had chosen herself, free, and brave to be free in a land of slavery[ And yet we persist.

The book seems to be arranged in reverse chronology, so the essays get older, and they get longer, less punchy, looser and more meandering.

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But their poetry and feeling diminish in no direction. I cannot be free while others are in chains. On holiday in the Bahamas, she is troubled by a photograph of a black waiter runing his shoes to bring drinks into the sea, she is troubled by the colonial history, the history of white people that erases the native and the slave, she is troubled by the woman who cleans her room.

She never fails to particularise oppression and resistance. She is committed to touching and speaking to the realities of ordinary people, to write and distil feeling and lived experience and empathy.

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June jordan essay

is obliterated, a line which now no longer even exists. A poet, an activist, a writer and a teacher, June Jordan died in It is somewhat depressing to read these essays, some of them years old, and realize how little events have improved or changed. Her essay on Palestine's children is one such example.5/5(8).

Poem about My Rights. This form of struggle and protest poetry, written by June Jordan (Poem about My Rights, ) truly captures and speaks for the voice of the oppressed and silent women in South Africa. June Jordan. Courtesy of Sara Miles, About this Conference. Join us for "A Tribute to June Jordan" an intergenerational exploration of the legendary teacher, activist, and poet’s life, work, and legacy.

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