Hsm220 final project

A sample of salespeople is selected, and data is collected on the following variables. SALES the number of sales made this week 2. CALLS the number of sales calls made this week 3. TIME the average time per call this week 4.

Hsm220 final project

Characteristics of a Knowledge- and Value-Centered Manager Make a list of 10 characteristics necessary for an effective manager. Explain, in to words, how each characteristic adds value to the organization.

Classify each characteristic as knowledge- or value-centered. Managers seek ways to promote the success of an organization and their employees. What are three ways a manager contributes to the success of the organization?

Share a personal example that demonstrates how a manager or authority figure exhibits one or more dimensions of excellence. Respond to your peers by identifying other dimensions of excellence present in their examples. DQ 2 Due Day 4 Post your response to the following: From your personal experience, describe a situation in which a manager has demonstrated strong leadership qualities.

How did this manager use vision, communication, persistence, empowerment, and organization to impact the success of the organizational goals? Mission Statement Internet Search Search the Internet to find at least three examples of mission statements for human service organizations.

Determine what purpose or function mission statements have in an organization. Evaluate each mission statement based on the following: Environmental Factors Summarize, in to words, the four external environmental factors and six internal environmental factors that help organizations achieve optimal function.

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Include in your response the factors that you feel are most important to the success of a human service organization.

Management Structures You manage a counselingcenter that services victims of domestic abuse. Your organization is happy to have you on board and trusts your decisions.

Your employer asks you to participate in an expansion plan. Your task is to research possible organizational structures that best suit the needs of your clients and your organization. Identify, in to words, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following organizational structures: Departmentalization Matrix organizations The project team The collegial model Determine how each structure affects day-to-day operations.

What are the three most important factors affecting organizational structure? Explain how some structures may generate positive or negative outcomes associated with these factors. Participate in the discussion with your classmates by providing an alternative perspective. You may also choose to participate by offering a personal example where the factor described had either a positive or negative outcome.

Hsm220 final project

Discussion DQ 2 Post your response to the following questions: Choose one organizational structure detailed in Ch. Which types of human service organizations would function best using your selected structure?

Respond to your classmates who have chosen a different organizational structure and compare your structure to theirs. Identify ways that your structure could work in their selected setting or reasons your structure may not be suited for their setting. Designing a Reward System Create an employee reward system for a human service organization.

Write a1, to 1,word paper in APA format detailing the methods of determining what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded.HSM UOP Homework,HSM UOP Tutorial,HSM UOP Assignment,HSM UOP Course Guide,HSM Week 8 Individual Assignment.

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SEC Week 8 Final Exam. SEC Week 8 Final Exam. 1. (TCO A) List and assess at least three kinds of damage a company could suffer when the integrity of a . HSM Week 9 Final Project Scenario Solution FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT yunusemremert.com Resources: Appendix A and the graded versions of your completed assignments from Week Six Write a 1, to 1,word paper in APA format detailing how a human service organization focused on providing job skills to high school dropouts would address the.

Hsm Final Project Essay HSM/Final Project Katrina Kearney Statement of Opportunity The statement of opportunity comes from the mission statement which is a statement of purpose of any organization. The organizational statement of opportunity for services provided for high school dropouts is that the organization will provide a staff.

For more classes yunusemremert.com HSM Week 1 CheckPoint Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value-CenteredHSM Week 1 Discussion Question 1 & 2HSM Week 2 CheckPoint Environmental FactorsHSM Week 2 Assignment Mission Statement Internet SearchHSM Week 3 Discussion Question 1 & 2HSM Week 3 CheckPoint Management.

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