Features of pakistan essay

After the Second World War, when the independence of Pakistan inthe flag of the Muslim League served as the basis for the flag of Pakistan. Design[ edit ] The official design of the national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly together with a definition of the features and proportions. According to the specifications it is a dark green rectangular flag in the proportion of length [A] and width [B] as 3:

Features of pakistan essay

With the beginning of the Indus civilization around the middle of the 3rd millennium [2] B. The high point of this era was reached with the culmination of the Gandhara style. During the Mughal eradesign elements of Islamic-Persian architecture were fused with, and often produced playful forms of, local art, resulting in the establishment of Mughal Architecture.

Lahoreoccasional residence of Mughal rulers, exhibits a multiplicity of important buildings from the empire, among them the Badshahi mosquethe fortress of Lahore with the famous Alamgiri Gatethe colourful, still strongly Mughal -influenced Wazir Khan Mosque as well as numerous other mosques and mausoleums.

In the British colonial age, the buildings developed were predominantly of the Indo-European style, with a mixture of European and Indian-Islamic components. Post-colonial national identity is expressed in modern structures like the Faisal Mosquethe Minar-e-Pakistan and the Mazar-e-Quaid.

Recreation and sports[ edit ] The official national sport of Pakistan is field hockeybut cricket and squash are the most popular sports. The Pakistan national field hockey team has won the Hockey World Cup a record four times.

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The Pakistan national cricket team won the Cricket World Cup inwere runners-up inand co-hosted the games in and The team has also won the Austral-Asia Cup in, and At the international level, Pakistan has competed many times at the Summer Olympics in field hockey, boxingathleticsswimmingand shooting.

Hockey is the sport in which Pakistan has been most successful at the Olympics, winning three gold medals, and Pakistan has also won the Hockey World Cup four times,and A1 Grand Prix racing is also becoming popular with the entry of a Pakistani team in the season.

The Tour de Pakistanmodeled on the Tour de Franceis an annual cycling competition that covers the length and breadth of Pakistan.

Recently, football has grown in popularity across the country, where traditionally it had been played almost exclusively in the western province of Balochistan. FIFA has recently teamed up with the government to bring football closer to the northern areas.

Pakistani cuisine Seekh kebab - one of the famous Pakistani food specialities Culinary art in Pakistan mainly a mix of Indian cuisines with some Middle Eastern and Afghan influence. There are variations of cooking practices across the country, mostly from spicy in Punjab and Sindh to steamed and boiled in NWFP now otherwise known as the province of khyber pakhtoon khwa and gilgit baltistan and Balochistan.

Urban centers of the country offer an amalgamation of recipes from all parts of the country, while food with specific local ingredients and tastes is available in rural areas and villages.

Different specialties exist throughout the country mostly different type of rice like Biryani, Pulao or Boiled rice with vegetables and meat are used with Korma and desserts.

There are also local forms of grilled meat or kebabsKheer dessertsand a variety of hot and cold drinks. Festivals and observances[ edit ] Ramadan[ edit ] Ramadanthe holiest month of the Islamic calendaris a month of fasting from dawn to sunset.

Special foods are cooked in greater quantities, parties are held, and special accommodation is made by workplaces and educational institutes. In the night known as Chand Raat, people celebrate by various means, such as girls putting henna on their hands.

People buy gifts and sweets that will be given to friends and families who come over to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The streets, major buildings, and landmarks, even outside of malls and plazas, put on displays of elaborate decorations and colorful light shows.

There are large crowds in the city center to celebrate the beginning of Eid, and it is usually a boom time for business. On these days, there are national holidays and many festival events that take place to celebrate Eid. On the night before Eid, people search for the new moon to mark the end of Ramadan and arrival of Eid ul-Fitr.

The day starts with morning prayers, then returning home for a large breakfast with family members.

Features of pakistan essay

The day is spent visiting relatives and friends and sharing gifts and sweets with everyone.Pakistan Culture History Essay Conclusion: Pakistan has a very unique mixed culture in which the various cultures from different provinces combines together to form an amalgamation of ethics, values, norms and beliefs which forms a very charming and attractive national culture of Pakistan.

Johanna Gauss CITY school BEOWULF ESSAY The story of Beowulf and his monsters is a long and complicated record of terror, blood, glory, and death. The Words; 6 Pages; Pakistani Punjabi Cinema Introduction The cinema of Pakistan refers to Pakistan's film industry.

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Short essay on Pakistani Wedding Pakistan being a Muslim country situated in South Asia and the greater Middle East has a vibrant culture with many customs. A Pakistani wedding is a festive arrangement, with a lot of fun. It is a celebration that is looked forward to by everyone; there are many pre wedding customs and rituals.

Pakistan has a federal parliamentary system. The head of state is an indirectly-elected ceremonial yunusemremert.com Electoral college of the country, (composed of the Senate, the National Assembly, and the four Provincial Assemblies) chooses a leadership representing the President of Pakistan for a five-year yunusemremert.com president is also the .

Independence Day (Urdu: یوم آزادی ‬ ‎; Yaum-e Āzādī), observed annually on 14 August, is a national holiday in yunusemremert.com commemorates the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation following the end of the British Raj in Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement, which Observed by: Pakistan.

Pakistan is a junction of South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia, a way from resource efficient countries to resource deficient countries. Pakistan is a route for transportation, and a .

Features of pakistan essay