Engineers day welcome speech

Speech by George C.

Engineers day welcome speech

Spontaneous uprisings by idealistic youth? Originally published under this title, October 31, But a revolution that appears to free the oppressed masses from the ultra-rich, while it is manipulated behind the scenes by the globalist elite will only lead to more enslavement.

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Protesters, politicians, and the mass media have compared it to the so-called spontaneous uprisings of the Arab Spring. In reality, neither has been spontaneous nor leaderless.

The Arab Spring was planned years ago and then executed by the forces of oppression that the people thought they were attempting to overthrow. Hillary Rodham Clinton, U. The goal was to provide the technology to circumvent government obstruction and help activists create a ripple effect by training their colleagues in the arts of government destabilization.

This assistance did not create the Arab Spring, but it helped perpetuate it. The campaign to destabilize the Middle East began much earlier, as geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci has repeatedly demonstrated. He claimed there were no doubters, which he refuted when he mentioned the allegations of Middle Eastern leaders.

And no one doubts the New York Times is intolerant of logic. That training did play a role in what ultimately happened, but it was their revolution. POMED claims that they helped protestors develop skills and to network. Such training has taken place annually under Movements.

To mask the central planning, the protests began small in a few cities before the national rollout proceeded, a common tactic of most marketing schemes.

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These protests are not leaderless. And their well-defined agenda can be derived from those manipulating the leaderless mobs behind the scenes. Soros announced his sympathy for the protestors and has committed his organizational and financial resources.

We should have an American Autumn, people-powered, non-violent. As his website was attacked and knocked offline, the loosely led hacker group, Anonymous, approached him covertly and helped salvage his work and website. When that fizzled, DeGraw teamed with Adbusters to coordinate the September attack.

DeGraw has a comprehensive world view. His claim that the global rebellions are decentralized and leaderless is a liberal lie.

He expects these revolts to eventually destroy the power of the global elite, but this utopian posture is a common ploy.

Engineers day welcome speech

In August, Anonymous announced they were joining the September protests. Anonymous destabilizes government agencies, corporations, and affiliated associations by hacking into their computer networks.

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During the height of the protests, they waged cyber-attacks on Egyptian government websites. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has been discredited by astute observers as a pawn of the globalists he seemingly exposes.

On October 15th, Assange addressed an adoring crowd of protesters in London. As he champions greater transparency through leaked documents, regimes have crumbled. Last May, Amnesty International praised WikiLeaks and the newspapers that published their released confidential files as a catalyst behind the Arab Spring.

Tony Cartalluci has described the central planning of Movements.BEST SPEECH ON ENGINEERS DAY IN HINDI MARATHI & ENGLISH SAMPLES PDF EXAMPLES special speech for anchoring for engineering college in india as welcome speech by students and principal. Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders did not suspend his campaign Thursday, rather promising that his political “revolution” would soldier on to the Democratic party’s July convention. Read the full.

Welcome to the Citrix Community page where you can connect with experts and join the conversation about Citrix technologies. The engineers celebrate engineers’ day every year on 15 th September in the honor of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, one of the greatest engineers of his time, a great educationist, Statesman, a scholar and indeed the most celebrated engineer India has produced till date.

Sir MV has been the personification of everything that a country . Engineers Day Speech. Speech on Childrens day I am to give a five minute speech on Children's day in a school. This is what I want to say to them: Welcome Speech of Annual Day Function.

On behalf of Umah’s Day Care, I heartily welcome all of you for this Annual Day Celebration! The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in and incorporated by Royal Charter in

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