Dream job bakery owner

Although starting and growing your own baking operation may seem like a difficult task, this can be a very rewarding and profitable business to start.

Dream job bakery owner

In fact, it was a dream she had been building toward since age five — when she first began making breakfast for her mother — Allyson wanted to open a bakery.

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Allyson's bakery would be a literal wonderland for children and adults alike. Dream job bakery owner, Wonderland Bakery was born. Allyson is the mastermind and chef behind all of the confections and creations while her mom, Sondra, runs the company's business and marketing arm.

We talked to Allyson and Sondra about how they make it happen, what advice they have for young bakers, supportive parents, and burgeoning entrepreneurs. Allyson, when did you first realize you wanted to pursue baking and open up your own bakery?

I was born with a very serious sweet tooth and this fueled my inspiration and passion for baking as early as I can remember. When I was 5, I would sneak downstairs while my family was sleeping to bake and decorate. In college I created a 95 page business plan that was the origin of Wonderland Bakery.

This was the initial business plan I followed to open Wonderland, however I am constantly focused on creating an enchanting delicious and whimsically fun experience to everyone who visits our stores or enjoys Wonderland products at home. Sondra, at what age did Allyson express an interest in cooking and how did you help to nurture this interest?

Allyson was always a very creative and artistic child. She started collecting cookbooks at an early age and then started creating her own recipes and illustrating notebooks that have now evolved into her own cookbooks. Her interests and talent were so natural — it was really fun to spend time with her and we both have great memories.

We really bonded in the kitchen — I was her Sous chef, which was a fancy description for I got to wash a lot of dishes. As I reflect back, I think it was very important that I gave Allyson freedom to create.

Dream job bakery owner

It is important to provide a nurturing environment; however making mistakes is part of the learning process too. What are some ways parents can get their kids more involved in the kitchen?

Need knowledge and credentials to break into the industry?

Creating and spending time in the kitchen is a powerful and magical time to create lasting family memories.

Baking memories at home can be for any age, occasion or to make every day special. What is it like to work together and be family? My mom encouraged and empowered me to follow my love, passion and dream.

When it came time to start the business she provided the start up capital. Our talents compliment each other and I think this how we have been able to grow so quickly.

She is the best partner, not only do we have the business side of creating together our relationship continues to grow. You must be passionate and fully committed to your position of a chef and or owning your business. Find a mentor and or advisor that can help you research your position and understand the demands, sacrifice and ultimate rewards.

As the owner of a business, I work harder and longer than anyone else. I did not realize everything that needed to be done in beginning and it was a bit overwhelming at first, now I have a better understanding, systems in place.

I still work hard, however it is really fun creating now with a strong business foundation that supports my talented and dedicated staff.

Sondra, what advice would you give parents who want to help their child pursue their passion? You can create the best product, however unless you market and sell it will be tough to turn passion into a successful business.

Work on writing a good business plan for the business with realistic, attainable goals. It is tough to get a business loan, so if you plan to finance or help finance, make certain you have an agreement on the repayment and source of funding for the business.Bakery jobs available in Houston, TX on yunusemremert.com Apply to Bakery Assistant, Production Assistant, Baker and more!

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As a small business owner supervising staff preparing food or preparing food on your own, you must usually have valid food safety certification prior to opening your bakery.

A bakery can be run any different ways, and what works from one bakery owner will fail with another. Consider your strengths, location and niche when choosing a business model for your bakery. But Lott is working his dream job at his own business.

He and his wife, Kirsten, opened the Royal Bakery on Woodland Highway in Belle Chasse in based on Lott’s love of the minutiae of baking.

Engineering loaves of bread with the perfect crunch to the crust while maintaining moisture on the inside; a skill Lott picked up during his time. It's been said that the most popular gathering place in the home is the kitchen, and it's in the kitchen where one of ABC7's featured subjects dreams have been baked.

Jan 12,  · Boston resident Collette Divitto developed a passion for baking as a teenager. When she began applying for jobs when she was 22, however, she was shut out from bakery after bakery.

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