Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

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Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

Workforce Act ofextending the CW-1 program through Dec. We are currently in the process of updating this webpage. For additional information on the U. Workforce Act, please read the web alert: The CW nonimmigrant classification is commonly referred to as: The permanent changes are: USCIS will deny CW-1 petitions for construction and extraction occupations if the worker has not maintained continuous CW-1 status for the same employer since before October 1, The business must meet the legal requirements for doing business in the CNMI.

A business will not be considered legitimate if it engages directly or indirectly in prostitution, human trafficking, or any other activity that is illegal under Federal or CNMI law. Workers A foreign worker may be classified a CW-1 nonimmigrant during the transition period if he or she: Is ineligible for any other employment-based nonimmigrant status under U.

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Do not submit a biometrics fee. A biometrics fee may be required by the Department of State when the worker applies for his or her visa abroad.

Workers Foreign worker who has been living and working lawfully in the CNMI To obtain CW status your employer must submit all of the following documentation: This will enable DHS to conduct the required security checks. Foreign national worker living abroad and seeking employment in the CNMI Your employer must submit all of the following documentation: If the petition is approved, USCIS will mail an approval notice to your employer showing that the petition for CW-1 classification has been approved.

Your employer will need to send you the original approval notice at your address abroad. After you receive the approval notice you will need to make an appointment for a nonimmigrant visa interview at the U.

This means your dependents may need to file the I before the ICW is granted in order to retain eligibility for CW-2 status.

Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

CW-2 status does not authorize employment. Department of State has separate application and fee requirements for visa applications. You are requesting consular processing of your CW-1 status at a U.

Consulate or Embassy abroad Your dependents spouse and children under the age of 18 are abroad They may also apply for CW-2 visas at the same time. Length of Stay CW status is valid for one year.

Termination of Employment A foreign worker with CW nonimmigrant status will lose that status if he or she violates any of the terms or conditions that are associated with that CW status. However, when the violation is solely caused by termination from employment, the worker will not be considered to have violated his or her status if: The foreign worker may only begin work with the new employer after that employer files the petition.

If a new petition is not filed within 30 days, the foreign worker must leave the CNMI and that worker will be considered to be out of status effective on the date of termination of CW-1 employment.

Any petition filed for that worker after the day period will require an approved petition and a CW visa issued at a consulate outside the CNMI before the foreign worker can return and start new employment in the CNMI. You will need to obtain a CW visa at a U.

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