Cele kula

History[ edit ] Skull Tower in The Ottoman Empire was known to create tower structures from the skulls of rebel fighters in order to elicit terror among its opponents. The rebels were plagued by lack of coordination, largely due to the rivalry between commanders Milivoje Petrovic and Petar Dobrnjac.

Cele kula

Impressions of Belgrade 1. The first impression of Belgrade is that it is gritty. Buildings are grey, there is a lot of graffiti, sidewalks are cracked and broken. Some buildings have gaping holes or are just bombed out ruins remembrances of the NATO bombing of Belgrade in There are similarities to both Budapest and Zagreb.

But Belgrade is poorer, you just see it in the infrastructure of the city. Serbs speak excellent English. We also found out that American companies outsource their technical services to Serbia precisely because of the proficiency in English. There are strong ties to Russia.

Walking around Belgrade you would be mistaken to think that you were in a remote province of Russia. Most people around the world have good memories of Bill Clinton — not the Serbs. Over 2, Serb civilians were killed numbers still debated and the economy decimated, something Serbia is still climbing back from.

To add insult to injury, Serbians still feels they were blamed as the culprit for that Cele kula which started when Serbs in Kosovo were targeted by the Kosovo Liberation Army which had been named a terrorist organization in What Serbia claimed was self defense, Clinton judged as aggression.

Today Kosovo is regarded as an independent country by the majority of countries in the UN while Serbia still considers it a part of their territory. Some interesting reading herehereand here. Signs in front of the Serbian Parliament building. Despite the above, Serbians are incredibly welcoming.

Everywhere we went we met incredibly engaging people who wanted to talk. They were curious why we were there and it seemed important to them that we have a good impression of Serbia.

Our Airbnb host invited us to their home in the suburbs where we spent a couple of hours talking about current day life in Serbia, about Serb traditions including the Orthodox churchand about their version of history.

Despite not being able to speak English he imparted that his mother was from Spain, then proceeded to list his favorite football teams, his favorite basketball teams and, when I told him we were from Canada, that Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic was born in Montenegro.

In Serbia I was average height, maybe even below average. Serbians are tall and good looking. A lot of stunning women.

Smoking is still allowed in bars and restaurants. Like most of the Balkans, Serbs are big smokers. So expect to smell like an ashtray when coming home from a night out.

I read that indoor smoking is officially banned since Jan Nobody enforces it though and everyone smokes.

Cele kula

But we saw all the party boats along the river which in the summer become packed with young, beautiful people. Read about that here. Belgrade is a city on the rise. Read more about that here. Likewise, the Chinese have invested heavily in Belgrade.

These investors see an educated, undervalued workforce that speaks excellent English. So chances are the cityscape will change dramatically over the next few years.Group Activities. Division Business Name Nature of Business Contact Power Tools Rutherford Distributor of Makita power tools, Mercury marine engines and survey instrumentation.

Media in category "Ćele-kula" The following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total. In retaliation, furious Turkish commanders constructed Cele Kula, or “The Skull Tower.” They desecrated the bodies and built skulls into a foot tower at the entrance to .

Ćele Kula, Niš. likes. Ćele Kula ist ein Turm in der serbischen Stadt Niš. Er wurde von den Osmanen aus den Knochen und Schädeln serbischer Rebellen /5(30).

Ćele Kula. Find out more Explore Books Features. The fortress apart, Niš does suffer from a surfeit of rather grim sights. The first, to your right as you leave the fortress, is the miniature blue-domed.

Cele Kula, the Skull Tower, with skulls immured into its outer walls is one of the most sinister monuments of the city of Nis.

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