Beach burial

It was a battle in El Alamein, an obscure railway stop west of Alexandria that in the course of a few days became known around the world for turning the fortunes of war. It is not even the beginning of the end.

Beach burial

DeathKenneth SlessorSailors This memorial is dedicated to the men and women lost at sea from merchant vessels in war and peace. It was from Albany that the first fleet of vessels left carrying Australian and New Zealand troops for WWI battlefields, leaving on the first of November A second fleet of vessels left in December of that year.

Beach Burial | poem by Slessor |

Beach Burial Softly and humbly to the Gulf Beach burial Arabs The convoys of dead sailors come; At night they sway and wander in the waters far under, But morning rolls them in the foam. El Alamein Kenneth Slessor I think this is one of the most moving and well-constructed of all Australian war poems.

Look at the construction Beach burial the third line in each stanza. Apart from a quiet, muted, sad voice in the choice of apt but simple words one thing that gives added poignancy is the fact that it is an after the event poem … the outcome of war set against the background of the action … a reversal of the theatre … and easily visualised by beach oriented Australians.

And in the end, despite the many differences, the coming together of humanity entering the afterlife as one. In a lecture to students Kenneth Slessor did explain his intent by the last words of the last line … the other front. I have no record of this but my interpretation is that all humanity may be regarded as enlisted by the creator.

In other words created for a common purpose involving action.

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The nature of the other front is up to debate but my take involves the path to eternity. I do not find him so … maybe there is confusion between poetry and philosophy.

Beach burial

We should not let the philosophy of a person colour the way we view the work … I find his Five Bells poem for instant over-flowing in a desire to find out a reason behind life and in this way full of content.

Apparently he wrote some light verse which I have not seen … in contrast to the well-known Five Bells and Beach Burial. It was the first major battle that the Allies won. Although the battle was fought on the sands of Egypt there were plenty of losses at sea. Rommel was desperate for supplies of oil and ammunition and two crucial relief merchant ships were sunk at the time of the battle in October Myrtle Beach Funeral Home and Crematory, a more affordable burial and shipping service provider, and is the lowest priced cremation service provider in our area with an "on-site" crematory.

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Kenneth Slessor | Australian poet | In these surroundings was born Hudson, Florida in
Beach Burial (Kenneth Slessor) Their names denote their place of origin:
Saltburn by the Sea, Old Saltburn, the early history of the fishing hamlet of Saltburn. Saltburn, a small hamlet within this chapelry, Brotton stands about two miles to the north-west, and consists of a few houses scattered irregularly upon the sea-shore, inhabited chiefly by fishermen.
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Kenneth Slessor was born in the city of Orange, in western NSW, on 27 March His father was of German Jewish background, his mother's family from the Scottish Outer Hebrides. He was educated in Sydney and began his career as a .


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